Would you like to stop whining, so you can start doing great things with your life?

All you have to do is…

Work more than you whine.

Some people can’t be bothered to do the hard work it takes to get to where they want to be. You can’t build a business while you’re whining. Starting a business is hard work.

Making a business succeed is even more hard work. It’s never easy, and sometimes it’s not much fun. But that never stopped anyone else from making it happen. 

Today, I’d like to share 3 secrets that will help you stop whining, so you can start doing great things in your life.

Stop Waiting

Be honest. Why haven’t you taken your idea to market yet? There are loads of people out there just like you. We all have million-dollar business ideas in our heads that could make a huge difference to other people’s lives, and perhaps even change the world. And yet, these ideas stay sitting in our heads, because it’s never the right time to put them into action. We’ll always be waiting for “the right moment” to start creating our business… which never comes. 

Create The Opportunity

Missing an opportunity could be the difference between a life as a successful entrepreneur, and a life of wondering, “What if?” Sure, you might be saving yourself from the pain of being shot down or seeing your dreams fall apart. But you’ll also never know what it might have been to reach your full potential. You’ll never know how great you might have been. Is there anything worse than that? Failure is a very small thing compared to never trying at all. 

Get Your Idea Out There

Knowing when to act is crucial. But that doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for a window of opportunity to open. If you do that, you’ll never take your idea to market. The only person responsible for making your dream a reality is you. Someone who is the owner of multiple businesses is addicted to the satisfaction of achieving their goals. They’re also very aware of how it feels when a business fails. But rather than let failure define them or put them off, they go on looking for another chance to succeed. Whining about how unfair the world is won’t help you succeed. You can go on postponing your attempts to succeed for as long as you like. You’ll only be postponing your own progress. The successful entrepreneurs are those who understand that launching a business idea takes guts. You’re going to have to make it on your own eventually, so why not start right now?

What’s Next?

If you would like help with your whining so you can start doing great things with your life, I invite you to join us inside Alphapreneur, which is a private club for entrepreneurs that will take you by the hand and help you get the results you truly want in your life.


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