Think And Grow Rich Book Summary

A lot of us wish to be rich and financially independent – but wishing doesn’t achieve our goals. If we want to be rich and fulfill our dreams, we need to have a burning desire within us.

For example, even after 10,000 failed experiments, Thomas Edison didn’t waver from his dream of creating an electric light source. He was simply driven by a burning desire to make his dreams come true. After years of hard work, he was finally able to do it by inventing the light bulb.

Writer Fannie Hurst had the same experience. She had to face 36 rejections before one of her short stories made it to the newspaper. Starting there, her career as a playwright and novelist skyrocketed. Her burning desire had come through for her frustration about getting rejected – and she finally achieved success.

So it’s important for us who want to become successful to take a look at our attitude towards our goals and dreams.

How do we feel about them? Are they merely castles in the sky? Or is our desire strong enough to make our dream a reality?

The Foundation Of Every Achievement Is Setting Goals And Making Detailed Plans

All success stories begin with people who know their goal.

So before you chase an old dream, start by setting a personal goal as specifically as you can. For example, if you want to be rich, how much do you want to make?

In addition, you must understand clearly the deadline of your goal and what you’re prepared to sacrifice to accomplish it. Setting a goal without a deadline may well be just an indeterminate future that you’ll pursue halfheartedly.

It’s also just as important to create a plan that outlines each step you need to realize your goal. Once you have a plan, get to it! Don’t waste one minute.

The next method is for your desire to succeed to be entrenched in your thoughts and actions. Firstly, write down your goal and the detailed plan to achieve it. Then read it out loud two times every day – once after you get up in the morning and once before you go to bed at night.

Following these recommendations will make it easy for you to become rich – or achieve any other dream.

Successful People Have Faith In Themselves

To have an unwavering faith in yourself is a way to make sure you will achieve your goals.

You can only be successful if you have confidence and faith in yourself. Without faith, people remain poor, continents remain undiscovered, and inventions remain non-existent.

One classic example of what faith can do was Mahatma Gandhi. Even if he didn’t have typical tools of power – like money or a military – he was able to win against British colonial power and bring his country to freedom. The only thing he had was his unwavering belief in his influence to his countrymen that they would work for their common goals.

Our faith in ourselves has a crucial influence in the way we see ourselves and our lifestyle. Our faith can move mountains.

Our Subconscious Can Dictate Our Behavior Through Auto Suggestions

An unshakeable faith in yourself is not something we’re necessarily born with or falls from the sky. Anybody can acquire it, little by little, by auto-suggestion.

Auto-suggestion is a way of influencing yourself through thinking very specific thoughts or ideas.

You can use it to command your subconscious and increase your belief in yourself.

Auto-suggestion is persuading yourself that you can attain your goals, your thoughts can become a reality, and you have to go your way with confidence.

The more you apply auto-suggestion, the more likely it is that you will achieve success. If you cement your goals in your subconscious, it will guide all your actions and thoughts to make them come true.

Knowledge Is Power. But It’s Not The Knowledge You Learned In School

Knowledge can make it so much easier for you to achieve your goals in life. Just take a few basic points in mind.

First, you need to throw out the “traditional” meaning of education and knowledge out the window.

Being well-educated or knowledgeable isn’t just having a university degree. People who are otherwise “uneducated” know a hell of a lot of knowledge, as demonstrated by Henry Ford. He never made it past high school, but he established an industrial empire and made millions.

Becoming successful doesn’t always mean stuffing your head with lots of facts – it’s more important to get the right knowledge and experiences so you can use your strengths and exploit your full potential.

The most important foundation is your willingness to learn in your life. Being complacent is the enemy. You must always be ready to expand your knowledge. There are so many ways to achieve this – going to a university, attending an evening course, or getting experiences.

Just as useful is the ability to know where you can get the knowledge you need. You don’t have to know everything by yourself.

You need to know who to ask to know something you need. It’s better to be surrounded by experts who share specialized knowledge than to learn it all on your own.

What’s Next?

Now that you know what the Think And Grow Rich book is all about, let’s take a deep dive into the biggest key insights and how you can apply them to get the results you truly want in your life.


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