Would you like to find the solution to happiness, so you can live the life you deserve?

All you have to do is…

Create something beautiful.

Much of our unhappiness today comes from wanting more and more and more. We’re trapped in a materialistic consumer culture. We’re obsessed with comparing ourselves to others. We feel we’ll never be content unless we have a yacht, or take a trip to Paris every year. 

Today, I’d like to share 3 secrets that will help you find the solution to happiness, so you can live the life you deserve.

Stop Being Depressed

Worse, it can make us forget the importance of people’s feelings. 

The more we focus on satisfying our desires, the more deluded we become.

Interestingly, it’s often the people of higher intelligence who tend to be more melancholic than others. Throughout history, many of the greatest artists such as van Gogh, Michelangelo, Hemingway and Woolf have spoken of their depression and suffering.

Consider van Gogh, who shot himself at the age of 37. He completed over two hundred paintings, many of which are masterpieces. The musician Handel fell into a deep depression and produced his most famous work, The Messiah. The writer Sylvia Plath wrote The Bell Jar and committed suicide shortly after.

But you can even be better than Van Gogh and Plath, by creating and not killing yourself.

Understand The Sadness

Just like we can only see a rainbow after a storm, we have to go through periods of pain and suffering in order to see the light. In this way, unhappiness is not just necessary, it’s valuable. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to measure our good times against the bad. 

Being content is nice, sure. But when we’re content, we get nothing done. Despair, on the other hand, can be a right kick in the butt. We don’t want to feel depressed and angry – so we get up and do something about it. 

Some of the world’s greatest inventions came about because people were dissatisfied with their present situation. The car, for example, was invented because people were tired of spending hours on horseback. The typewriter was invented because people had had enough of writing by hand. 

Always Feel Fulfilled

Albert Camus says it best, “You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”

Simply put – we’re happiest when we’re not trying to find happiness. 

What we humans really desire is connection. We want to be loved by others. We also want experiences: to be moved by music or art, to try new things, to learn, to understand. 

Now, this isn’t something you can get on a prescription. You probably can’t get it from a book or from a therapist, either. All you need to know is that the happiest people are typically those who don’t think about whether they’re happy or not. They just get on with life. They live as best they can and as fully as they can without being too concerned about themselves. 

What’s next?

If you would like help finding the solution to happiness so you can live the life you deserve, I invite you to join us inside Alphapreneur, which is a private club for entrepreneurs that will take you by the hand and help you get the results you truly want in your life.


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