Would you like your brand to become a religion, so you can build a cult-like following?

All you have to do is…

Build every day.

In this modern age, we’re all wrapped up in finding ‘the best’ brands and products. We attach ourselves to a certain brand and – in some cases – we never try anything else. 

There are some brands these days that have almost created their own systems of attitudes and practices. As consumers, we adopt those attitudes and practices. We follow them religiously.  

Today, I’d like to share 3 secrets that will help you turn your brand into a religion, so you can  build a cult-like following.

Grab Customers’ Emotions

A brand that people follow religiously doesn’t win its followers through sneaky sign-up lists or auto-renewals. They win because they make sense to their customers. It doesn’t matter if the product isn’t better than another brand’s product. Some would argue that a Samsung phone isn’t actually any better than a Huawei. And yet, some people will gladly spend twice as much to get the Samsung. When you view a brand as a religion, you’ll realize that the product doesn’t have to be better. People choose a religion because they identify with it. They trust it, the same way some of us trust Samsung more than any other brand.

Build Your Own Rebellion

If you’re a startup company, or you’ve been around for a while and need a new direction, this strategy will work well for you. Stand for something you believe in. That doesn’t mean launching a hate campaign against anyone above you. Rebel, but be cool. Stand for something that gives people a fresh perspective. Zumba, for example, rebelled against the idea that working out should be tough, intense and only for the fit and strong. It also rebelled against the idea that salsa is for coordinated, sexy dancers. With the tagline, “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party,” Zumba classes target anyone who fears the ‘norm’ of going to an aerobics class or using an exercise machine.

Never Stop Rebelling

When you transform your brand into a religion, you’ll reach a point where your followers will take over for you. Their love for your product will override its function. They’ll identify with other followers, and they’ll go out of their way to find you. The worst thing you can do is sell out to the power you once rebelled against, or try to suppress another rebellion. Your followers won’t stand for that. Be true to your values. Be authentic. Stand out. And you WILL become a religion. 

What’s Next?

If you would like help with turning your brand into a religion so you can build a cult-like following, I invite you to join us inside Alphapreneur, which is a private club for entrepreneurs that will take you by the hand and help you get the results you truly want in your life.


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