Make Your Business More Personable

When you’re thinking of buying a new laptop, how much time do you spend comparing brands and products?

Do you stick with the same brand you’ve always used – or do you shop around?

Well, research shows that fewer and fewer customers these days are remaining loyal to any one brand. In fact, they’ll usually be around 70% of their way down the sales funnel before they even talk to someone within your business. 

So, what is it that makes a customer choose YOUR brand over a competitor – if the product is almost identical?

Simple. Trust. 

When a consumer has no connection to a brand – that is, they know little about it – they’re less likely to spend money on its product or services. 

After all, would you buy a laptop from a brand that you’ve never heard of? Or whose origin you were unsure of?  

When we can connect to a brand on a personal level, we’re far more likely to trust it. That’s why so many people buy Starbucks. Nobody raves about the taste of Starbucks coffee: they’re drawn to the signage, the familiarity, and, well – the fact that they’re STARBUCKS. 

So, how do you get a customer to trust YOUR brand?

Well, that’s less simple. But it begins by making your business more personable. And to do that, here’s where you begin…

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