1.25 Million Instagram Followers in 4 Days

Source : Joshua VanDeBrake on Medium

That’s a lot of zeros, but the title isn’t clickbait. It’s based on the actual numbers of a successful campaign that ran from December 21, 2019 to December 24, 2019 (Christmas Eve). It lasted less than five days and drew over 1 million new followers for two accounts (over 1 million each).

It all started with an Instagram post accompanied by this caption:

Hey guys for Christmas Seatgeek and I are giving away this Tesla to one of y’all!! Just follow me and @teamseatgeek, share to your story, and tag a friend in the comments! Choosing the winner on Christmas Eve!!

No purchase necessary. Exclusions apply. Terms and Conditions here: [link redacted].

To kick off the campaign, David Dobrik posted a photo of himself leaning on a white Tesla with a big red bow. Over the next few days, this campaign resulted in over a million new followers for both himself and Team SeatGeek, his partner in the campaign.

You may have even seen the post on your friends’ stories during the days leading up to Christmas:

There were only a few criteria to enter the contest: follow David, follow Team SeatGeek, repost the photo to your story, and tag a friend in the comments.

No purchases, no email sign-ups, no endless liking, following, and tweeting, no “super entries” or spamming. Just follow, follow, share, tag.

But let’s back up.

Who Is David Dobrik?

According to his Instagram bio, David is: “Sexy, Gorgeous, and Humble.”

And if you’re over the age of 25, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of him before. David is an internet comedian. He started by making short, six-second videos on the now-discontinued video-sharing platform Vine. He later transitioned to YouTube, where he continued growing his audience.

To date, Dobrik has amassed an impressive 15 million subscribers and 6.4 billion video views on his YouTube channel. And his Instagram account currently sits at 11.1 million followers, which is over 1 million more than just a couple weeks ago.

What Were the Results of the Tesla Giveaway?

According to Trackalytics, David Dobrik’s Instagram account had 9.9 million followers prior to the start of the campaign, and the earliest available data shows Team SeatGeek’s account with 564k followers on 12/21/19.

With that data, we can calculate that the campaign has resulted in about 1.25 million new followers for David Dobrik and 1.54 million new followers for Team SeatGeek.

Note: Both accounts have experienced some follower churn after the end of the campaign, down roughly 100k and 200k to 11.1m and 1.9m, respectively.

Still, even several days later, both accounts are up more than 1 million followers each from the campaign!

Those are some incredible results, but you’re probably wondering…


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