Stop Trying to Think Outside The Box

You’ve grown up believing that the only way to stand out from the crowd is to think outside the box. 

Well, guess what. That just doesn’t work anymore. 

New things are around us all the time. We can barely tell the difference between innovation and invention anymore. 

If there’s one thing an aspiring entrepreneur needs to know, it’s how reinvention and being more strategic in business can bring innovation. 

That’s right: an amazing new product might not actually be the best way – or even necessary – to grow your business. 

In fact, there are other strategies that may be more successful. After all, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. As a business leader, you need to go against the grain. Disrupt the status quo. Innovate from within. 

Innovate from within? Disrupt? What’s that about?

Well, if you want to grow, you’ll need to read this. 

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