Don’t Be the Cheapest, Be the Best

One of the toughest things about running a business is knowing what to charge. And that’s because most entrepreneurs think they have to be the cheapest. 

After all, when you go shopping for a new computer or a new pair of shoes, do you look for the most expensive options first? 

No! You look for the cheapest. Or at least, the most competitive price. 

And that’s the mentality we apply to our own business. We know our customers will be put off by a high price, right?

So, wouldn’t it make sense to be the cheapest? At least, cheaper than your competitors?

Well, not exactly. Comparative pricing isn’t always as reliable as you might think,

Worse, it can affect your potential customer’s perception of what you’re offering. 

The trick is not to be the cheapest… but to be the BEST. 

Because when you’re the best, you can charge whatever you want. 

Oh great, you’re saying. So, how do I suddenly become the best? 

Glad you asked! It begins right here.

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