Would you like to have a perfect work life balance, so you can experience true happiness?

All you have to do is…

Treat your relationship as an asset.

An entrepreneur’s passion for their business can cause them to neglect other things, such as family life, love, and people in general. That’s why the divorce rate of entrepreneurs is five to ten percent higher than other couples.

You will always need to be working on your business. As a result, you never have time for your husband, wife or partner. You can succeed in both your business and your love life – and it begins by treating your relationship as an asset, rather than a side-project.

Today, I’d like to share 5 secrets that will help you have a perfect work life balance, so you can experience true happiness.

Market Yourself To Your Partner

You can keep your partner coming back for more by continuing to market yourself to him or her – just as you did when you first started going out. In fact, if you’re always as charming as you were at the beginning of your relationship, there’s no reason for it to end. This is exactly why some companies spend millions of dollars marketing to existing clients.  They want them to keep coming back!

Never Stop Innovating

When business slows or plateaus, what do you do? You start searching for ways to innovate. You should do the same with your relationship. Some couples might go on an exotic vacation together, or start taking salsa classes. Some might hire a sex therapist to ‘jazz up’ the intimacy in their marriage. The options are endless.  

Be Open About Your Vision

People work better when they’re happy, and a good workplace culture is integral to a good output. The same goes for your relationship. If you’re working long hours, taking business trips or spending huge amounts on keeping your business afloat, it gets easier when you know what’s waiting on the other side. Make sure your partner knows they’re in your heart, too – and they’ll respond in kind. 

Mix Things Up

It’s tricky to maintain a relationship when you start to live like it’s Groundhog Day every day. The dishes you both loved are now ho-hum, the vacations you take together are always to the same places, the things you talk about each night never change. That’s why it’s vital to keep mixing things up. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Keep things fun, but don’t try to change lots of things at once. Inject a few small changes into your relationship just every now and then. Try a Mystery Date night, for example: tell your partner you’re taking him or her out, but don’t tell them where.

Your Relationship Is Always #1

As entrepreneurs, we can sometimes forget to share our passion and energy equally between our business and our love life. But if you want both to grow, they both require attention. In equal amounts. When the one you love knows that he or she is part of your purpose in life, they’ll naturally want you to succeed. There should be no end to your passion for business – and no end to your passion for your relationship, either. Never stop innovating, and you’ll never stop succeeding. 

What’s Next?

If you would like help with creating a perfect work life balance so you can experience true happiness, I invite you to join us inside Alphapreneur, which is a private club for entrepreneurs that will take you by the hand and help you get the results you truly want in your life.


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